PP/GC/LE/121 Letter from Sir G.C.Lewis to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, on pro-papal meetings in Ireland and the proposed electoral reform bill, 22 December 1859
Letter from Sir George Cornewall Lewis, second Baronet, [Secretary of State for Home Affairs], Home Office, [Whitehall, London], to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: Lewis has received the enclosed letter [not present] from Cardwell. Cardwell wishes Palmerston to see this letter. "It arose partly out of some enquiries of mine as to the outrageous language recently held at some of the pro-papal meetings in Ireland. I have looked into the Catholic Relief Act, and I cannot find that there is any provision which makes a difference between an address to the Pope, and an address to any other sovereign at amity with the Queen. Now as there have been addresses of the Corporation of London and other public bodies to Louis Napoleon, and other foreign sovereigns, I do not see how it is possible that the signature of Lord Fingal to a notice of a public meeting for considering an address of sympathy to the Pope can be considered of itself objectionable. We must wait till we know what are the words of the address, and what are the speeches delivered at the meeting." Lewis has written in this way to Cardwell; he hopes Palmerston approves. He has also directed that the law officers take note of the language used at these meetings, so that if a breach of the law takes place, the subject may be considered by cabinet. He has prepared a memorandum on reform for the Queen. This will be sent to Palmerston in that day's post if there is time to complete the copying. Lewis thanks Palmerston for the invitation to Broadlands for the week after next. He is sorry that he is unable to accept; they promised to be at the Grove for Christmas. 22 Dec 1859
Two papers
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Edward Cardwell, Chief Secretary for Ireland
Louis Napoleon III, Emperor of the French
Arthur James Plunkett, ninth Earl of Fingall, Lord Lieutenant of County Meath
Victoria, Queen of England
Broadlands, Romsey, Hampshire
The Grove
Roman Catholic emancipation; Roman Catholic Relief Act
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