PP/GC/CA/226A Letter from Sir S.Canning to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, concerning A.Slade's work with the Turkish navy and the need for British gunners, and Russian Black Sea defences, 19 November 1850
Letter from Sir Stratford Canning, [British ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary at Constantinople], Therapia, [Turkey], to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: Slade has gone with a frigate, three small steamers and a thousand men to the Gulf of Nicomedia, to help in the salvage and repair of a Turkish ship. Slade has told Canning that officers from two Turkish brigs which recently visited Russian ports in the Black Sea report that Admiral Lazareff welcomed them into his own house at Nicolaef. The Turkish naval officers had seen eight hundred Russian guns pointing seaward at Sebastopol; they were then conveyed by Admiral Lazareff in the steamer 'Vladimir' to Odessa. Slade wishes for a British gunner and maybe also a gunnery officer, to be sent out to help remodel the Ottoman fleet's gunnery and give instruction in the management of shells. An officer would not be keen to do the work which needs to be done and the pay of a post captain, such as that of Commander ?Harper in the Turkish navy, is comparatively low in relation to unavoidable expenses. Not even one gunner should be sent out without knowing the wishes of the Sultan, Palmerston and the Admiralty. When Canning has this information, he will put in a formal request on the subject. 19 Nov 1850 The letter is marked: "Private".
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Sir Stratford Canning, later first Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, British ambassador extrordinary and plenipotentiary at Constantinople
Turkey; Ottoman empire; Sublime Porte: navy, arms, fleet
Lieutenant Adolphus Slade later Vice Admiral Sir Adolphus Slade, attached to the Turkish navy as Mushaver Pasha
Russian navy, Black Sea defences, Crimea
Nicolaef or Nikolayev, Black Sea coast
Gulf of Nicomedia or Izmit, Sea of Marmora
Admiral Lazarev, alias Lazareff, Russian military governor of Kerch and Yenikale
Kerch, Russia, later Ukraine
Abdul Mejid, alias Abd al-Majid, Ottoman Sultan
Commander ?Harper, with the local rank of post captain in the Turkish navy
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