PP/GC/CA/219 Letter from Sir S.Canning to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, concerning David Urquhart's presence in Constantinople and Lamartine being paid by the Sultan, 20 July 1850
Letter from Sir Stratford Canning, [British ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary at Constantinople], Therapia, [Turkey], to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: David Urquhart has arrived in Constantinople within the last few days. Canning does not know why: "if he has any intrigues on the anvil I shall probably hear of it". Urquhart has not spoken to Canning, but has had an audience with the Sultan at Chios on the strength of being a Member of Parliament. The introduction was probably made by one of the Sultan's brothers-in-law. Lamartine has left for his estates near Smyrna until September. It is rumoured that he is now working for a large cash sum from the Sultan, which Canning hopes he will not receive, given the state of the Porte's finances. Lamartine has confessed that he expects to get back into power. 20 Jul 1850 This letter is marked: "Private".
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Sir Stratford Canning, later first Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, British ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary at Constantinople
Turkey; Ottoman empire; Sublime Porte
Alphonse Marie Louis Lamartine de Prat, poet and former French Minister for Foreign Affairs
David Urquhart, Member of Parliament for Stafford, formerly assistant to Sir Stratford Canning
Abdul Mejid, alias Abd al-Majid, Ottoman Sultan
Damat Mehemet Ali Pasha, brother-in-law of the Ottoman Sultan
Damat Ahmed Fethi Pasha, brother-in-law of the Sultan
France: relations with Great Britain
France: relations with Turkey
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