PP/GC/CA/123 Letter from Sir S.Canning to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, regarding the progress of negotiations with the Spanish Prime Minister in Madrid on British policy on Portugal, 25 January 1833
Letter from Sir Stratford Canning, [British minister on an extraordinary mission to Spain], Madrid, to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: Zea would like Britain to promote Hoppner or at least remove him from Portugal, and to adopt a position of neutrality over the claims to the Portuguese throne; and [the British government should] "explain why Don Miguel should remain so long unrecognized, when Louis Philippe was acknowledged by us within a month after his elevation to the throne". Canning does not undertake to enforce the justice of these pretensions, but discharges his conscience by bringing them to Palmerston's knowledge as grounds of complaint, or at least a "querulous representation", addressed to him by Zea. Palmerston already knows all about Hoppner from Addington. Canning will just add that when Zea complained of Hoppner's professions against Don Miguel, he "did enough justice to his talents": Hoppner was spoken of by Zea, apparently, principally to counterbalance the removal of Monsieur Monteleagro. 25 Jan 1833
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Sir Stratford Canning, later first Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, British minister on an extraordinary mission to Spain
Portugal, Spain: politics
Francisco Zea Bermudez, Spanish Prime Minister
Dom Pedro, formerly Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil; formerly Pedro IV, King of Portugal: promoting interests of his daughter, Dona Maria, later Maria II da Gloria, Queen of Portugal
Dom Miguel, declared Miguel I, King of Portugal
Louis Philippe, King of the French
Richard Belgrave Hoppner, acting British consul general at Lisbon
Henry Unwin Addington, British envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary at Madrid
Conde de Montealegre y Mouforte, Spanish envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary at Lisbon
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