PP/GC/CA/120 Letter from Sir S.Canning to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, concerning his progress with negotiations at Madrid over Portugal, 15 January 1833
Letter from Sir Stratford Canning, [British minister on an extraordinary mission to Spain], Madrid, to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: Canning cannot write anything of a confidential nature but he would like to thank Palmerston for sending him a supplementary dispatch of 3 December. The discussions do not look any more hopeful now Canning is actually in Madrid, although he has made some progress "of a preliminary kind", or so he is led to believe by Zea. However, when they start the more specific negotiations, there will be many problems. "My only hope, and that but a faint one, is that they may not prove wholly insurmountable." Canning agrees with Palmerston that Palmella's idea of the appeal is "a hopeless absurdity." "The lover of the fair Imogena" has been told to leave, although "his integrity is strictly maintained". 15 Jan 1833 A footnote to "the fair Imogena" has been added in pencil by Palmerston: he is identified as Alonzo, the consular agent at Madrid. The letter is marked: "Private" and was received on 27 January 1833.
Two papers
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Sir Stratford Canning, later first Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, British minister on an extraordinary mission to Spain Adate=15/01/1833
Portugal, Spain: politics
Dom Miguel, declared Miguel I, King of Portugal
Dom Pedro, formerly Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil; formerly Pedro IV, King of Portugal: promoting interests of his daughter, Dona Maria, later Maria II da Gloria, Queen of Portugal
Francisco Zea Bermudez, Spanish Prime Minister
Pedro de Sousa Holstein, Marques de Palmella, later Duque de Palmella
Juan Roman Alonzo, alias Alonso or Alonza, ?consular agent at Madrid, secretary to Henry Unwin Addington, British envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary at Madrid
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