PP/GC/CA/117 Letter from Sir S.Canning to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, regarding negotiations with the French foreign minister [relating to Portugal], 19 December 1832
Letter from Sir Stratford Canning, [British minister on an extraordinary mission to Spain], Paris, to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: [Transcript] "I hope you will think that we have squeezed enough out of the Duke de Broglie. I am not sure that more would not have embarassed rather than helped us. I found Apponyi, like Pozzo, in horror at the idea of our placing [f.1v] France in a position to be committed. Monsieur de Rayneval is not to contradict me, if I employ your argument about the succession, but merely to hold his tongue. Still I fear that there is little or no chance of success. Zea is still fond of Miguel, and horribly afraid of the apostolicals. He will be easily worked upon [f.2r] by the three northern representatives. Remember that I trust to you for having me well informed from Lisbon and Oporto. One word on Turkish affairs: the Duc de Broglie told me yesterday that he had succeeded in persuading the Pasha of Egypt to offer reasonable terms to the Sultan, viz. the possession of Syria, et cetera. Such expressions can only serve to [f.2v] shew the bias of the French cabinet, and I mention them to put you on your guard. The appointment of Admiral Roussin, \ Commander in Chief in the Mediterranean, / to the embassy at Constantinople looks like an intention to establish a more than ordinary influence there. The Duc de Broglie told me that his charge d'affaires at Constantinople had written word that I had promised the Sultan real assistance from England. This you know is not true, and ?Hamic Pasha did not confirm it." 19 Dec 1832 This letter is marked: "Private" and is erroneously docketed as being from Lord Granville.
Three papers, tied together with blue ribbon.
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Sir Stratford Canning, later first Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, British minister on an extraordinary mission to Spain
Achille Leon Victor Charles, Duc de Broglie, French Minister for Foreign Affairs
Portugal: politics
Dom Miguel, declared Miguel I, King of Portugal
Dom Pedro, formerly Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil; formerly Pedro IV, King of Portugal: promoting interests of his daughter, Dona Maria, later Maria II da Gloria, Queen of Portugal
Charles Andre, Comte Pozzo di Borgo, Russian ambassador at Paris
Anton Rudolph, Count Apponyi, Austrian ambassador at Paris
Francisco Zea Bermudez, Spanish Prime Minister
Apostolicals: faction; legitimist and clerical reactionary party; supporters of the Portuguese and Spanish pretenders, Dom Miguel and Don Carlos, claimant of the Spanish throne
Francois Maximilien Gerard, later Comte de Rayneval, French ambassador at Madrid
Turkey; Ottoman empire; Sublime Porte
Muhammad Ali, alias Mehemet Ali, Pasha of Egypt Adate=19/12/1832
Ottoman Egyptian war
Ibrahim Pasha
Relations between France and Egypt; relations between France and Turkey
Mahmud II, Ottoman Sultan
Diplomatic appointments; patronage
M. de Varrenes, French charge d'affaires at Constantinople
Admiral Albin Reine Roussin of the French navy
M. Jaubert, French consul at Constantinople
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