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Ana Maria writes to her mother, grandmother, sisters and uncle from the camp at Stoneham, 29 May 1937

How are you all? As you will see, I am relatively well, only relatively. As I said
before, we are living in tents, just like in a movie; it's better organised than it
was at first, in any case I miss the food a lot Here the food is almost always
cold: sausages, chilled meat, cheese, chocolate; and milk and bread and
butter at all times. I have enough work, although you will think the opposite.
What gives me the most trouble is the tent, which continually needs
attention and can never be sorted. I miss the Marquess of Rodas' bed a lot,
even with its broken mattress. I miss barley with milk, rice with artichokes,
chickpeas, but especially I miss your company.
The other day they informed us about the Basque fronts in the war, but
I would much rather read about the progress of the war in the press. Here
nothing interesting ever happens because we are in the country, totally
isolated from the city and we are not allowed to go out.
How are you over there? If it's true that they have sent out planes I suppose
you are alright and nothing new has happened. If you want to write to me
you can do so to the address that I sent you in my earlier letters, as even if
we leave this place they will forward any letters to wherever we go.
And that's all for today other than lots of hugs and kisses from your

Ana Maria

Say hello to the Fraile family on my behalf to Eugeni and Chomin and
Encarna. Greetings to Jose Mari.

Ana Maria was married in January 1945 to Eduardo Sanchez. He came from Murcia. In 1936 he was
a student of civil engineering at Madrid University, when he acquired rheumatic fever. In view of the
worsening situation in Spain, his family arranged for him to join his brother and to recuperate in Britain.
He left Spain on 16 July 1936, the day before civil war broke out. When the Basque Children arrived
in May the following year, he offered his services and stayed as a teacher in the colony at Bray Court,
Maidenhead, and also for short spells at both the colonies in Margate.
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