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where ignorance and intolerance have hitherto been unchecked T and for this purpose the Association has, in many cases, founded new Schools, and in other cases subsidised and otherwise supported good Schools already existing, so that the younger generation at least are instructed in the elements
of knowledge. ...
Another of the many objects of the Association is apprenticing the pupils of their Schools to various trades and handicrafts, by means of which it is hoped they may be able to support themselves and tlicir families, and, ultimately, then own Schools, without being, aa they now are, dependent on the charitable efforts of their more fortunately situated
brethren. . .
In addition, the Association has, from time to time, by the interposition of its Agents, been the means of rescuing suffering co-religionists from the religious intolerance and persecution to which, in some countries, they are too often subjected.
The varied labours of the Association are fully set out in the Report, and I feel sure that its value will be at once appreciated by you, and will itself appeal, I trust not in vain, to your generous benevolence.
The expense of carrying on work of the kind indicated is heavy, and earnest efforts are required to prevent its being restricted by want of funds. It has been found desirable to appeal for assistance to a larger public than that consisting of Jews alone; and, in appealing for Christian support, I follow a precedent successfully adopted in other iLnglish towns, and one which I feel assured will, in the present case, be amply justified by results.
I may add that the value of any subscription you may be pleased to make will be far outweighed by the sympathy with the Association and its objects evinced by allowing your name to be enrolled as a member; and the increase of non-Jewish subscribers will undoubtedly strengthen the Association in its work, and prove to all that it rests for support on a surer and broader foundation than that of one religious scct.
Lewin L. Samuel.
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