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The Anglo-Jewish Association has, during the past year, continued to exercise its useful influence in improving the social and educational status of Jewish Communities in Eastern countries. How this worlc has been performed will be described in the following pages. But before referring to any other subjects, the Council have to devote a few words of affectionate remembrance to one representative member and to two other distinguished friends, whose loss is deplored by the Association. Sir Barrow H. Ellis, K.C.S.I., one of the Vice-Presidents of the Association, died on the 20fch June, and the Council record his death with deep sorrow. His eminent public services have shed lustre upon the entire community, and have endowed his memory with enduring honour. Joseph Ritter von Wertheimer, President of the Israelite Alliance in Vienna, died on the 16th March. Though arrived at the ripe old age of eighty-seven, he guided with a firm hand, even up to the day of his death, the proceedings of the Vienna Alliance. Under his direction that body frequently co-operated with the Anglo-Jewish Association to the great advantage of the common cause. His irreparable loss has elicited from his colleagues in office the assurance that his noble example will stimulate them to dis-
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