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are infants' schools managed by unqualified mistresses, who instruct the little girls in needlework.
There are 77 non-Jewish schools, viz., 29 for boys, 25 for girls, and 23 attended by pupils of both sexes. This number may appear comparatively small by the side of the Jewish schools, considering that the Smyrniote population exceeds 200,000 souls. The Greeks have institutions, each of which receives not less than 1,200 pupils, whilst there are some Talmud Tora schools which only receive 20 children. The number of Jewish boys attending Jewish Schools is 1,793, and of girls 440, making a total of 2,233. Non-Jewish boys frequenting the same schools are 40, and girls 60, making 100, or an entire total of 2,333. Of the boys here enumerated only 383 receive secular instruction, and of the girls 350 receive such instruction. Half of the foregoing numbers pay no school fees. Among 100 Jewish children attending non-Jewish schools, 70 go to the Protestant Missionaries. On an average more instruction is given to the Greek girls than to Greek boys. This fact deserves notice, for it is generally held that the Greeks surpass in enlightenment the other portions of the Smyrna population. 250 boys attend the Alliance School, besides apprentices; the Girls' School is attended by 265 pupils, and the Talmud Tora Schools by 1,460 pupils. The largest school of the last-named order is attended by 546 children. The other Talmud Tora Schools are kept by 22 Rabbis, who receive small school fees. A large portion of the pupils are below the age of six.
Since 1874, when the Alliance Boys' School was established, 715 pupils have completed their education. The Girls' School having been founded in 1878, has since then given a complete training to 242 pupils. As regards the 715 boys who quitted school their occupations have to be classed under the following heads:—
Teachers in tlie Alliance School ... 5
Merchants and Bankers ... 30
Employes in Commercial Houses... ... 150
Ditto, in Government Offices 12
Small Dealers ... 188
Commission Agents ... 15
Artisans ... 125
Other employments ... 190
Twenty-four former pupils have emigrated, and several
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