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the world—in Melbourne, Ballarat, Sydney, and other places— we have also workers who do their best to promote our objects ; but we have thought of late, considering the vast number of claims which there are upon us, that even the British Jews were not doing as much as they were bound to do, and we have appealed to the ministers of the various congregations in different parts of this country to assist us in adding to the permanent list of subscribers to this Association. That appeal is already producing most satisfactory results. I know that the clergy have many other subjects of interest and many other grounds on which they can appeal to their congregants, but there is no appeal which ought to go more to their hearts than that on behalf of those who suffer oppression, while we are rejoicing in all the advantages of a free country. (Applause.) Now, gentlemen, what we ask of you is to enlist amongst your friends warm sympathisers who will contribute, as far as their means go, to the great objects we have in view. The success of this dinner will encourage all those who have deeply interested themselves for so many years in the work of this Association. Let us trust that what we have done in the past may be but a sample or an instalment of what we can do and shall do in the future, because we ought to remember that those who have gone before us have set us an example which we ought not only to endeavour to emulate, but to surpass. Everything in this world shows improvement and advance; why, in this cause of charity, should we not also show improvement and advance, even upon the great things which have been done by those who have gone before us ? I have now to propose to you the toast of success to the Anglo-Jewish Association. May it prosper, and may it do much good throughout the world. (Applause.)
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