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benefit of the Technical Department of the Jerusalem School, to be administered by the Alliance Israelite, purchases were made under the auspices of the Anglo-Jewish Association, during the past year, of several important items. These include a steam-engine, sawing machine, iron lathe, and other valuable appliances, all of which were procured through the kind co-operation of Mr. Alfred Davis, C.E.
Mogador.—(Girls' School, 70 pupils: Subvention, £60.)— This School continues its work admirably under the devoted direction of the Head Mistress, Madame Gorcos. The Council are under great obligations to Her Majesty's Consul, Mr. Payton, and also to Mrs. Payton, for the repeated visits they have paid to the School and for their careful examination of the pupils, and tender their cordial thanks both to Mr. and Mrs. Payton. The former has supplied the Association with some valuable reports. In a letter dated the 8th March, he makes the following noteworthy remarks:—
It is my pleasant duty to report that I made another examination of the pupils of the school conducted by Mrs. Corcos, in January last, assisted by Mrs. Payton, and that we were much pleased with the progress which we noted, the general proficiency, the bright and intelligent appearance of the little scholars. In handwriting and arithmetic I found many of the pupils very proficient, and was also gratified to observe Mrs. Corcos' success in teaching them to speak and understand the English language. My delay in sending you this little report gives me an opportunity of referring to the admirable entertainment, consisting of dramatic and musical performances and recitations, given by Mrs. Corcos' scholars, under her able superintendence, and repeated by special request. At the former of the two entertainments, attended by a very large and delighted audience, a pleasing feature was the distribution of well-earned prizes by the French Consul, who spoke very highly of the intelligence and energy of Mrs. Corcos, and the eminently satisfactory results obtained. Indeed, I think that the wonderful memory shown by some of the little scholars in the long parts they had to speak, and the excellence of their singing in various languages, and recitations, must have equally surprised and pleased the audience, including some of the Moorish authorities, who were loud in their encomiums on what they saw and heard.
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