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the past few months they have turned out a large quantity of work, with which I was very satisfied. One apprentice, Isaac Reitan, I feel sure, will become a first-class workman, and be a great credit to the School. All the elder apprentices in this department regularly attend a class which I hold specially to explain the different parts of steam engines and other machinery, and teach them the technical terms.
Turners.—In the turners' shop, the general work is upon olive wood, of which they make candlesticks, inkstands, etc.; also from other wood, table and chair legs are turned. Considering the lathes are bad, the work done is fairly good.
Tinicorkers.—The tinworlcers are employed in making stove pipes, stoves, tin and copper cooking utensils, foot pans, sponge baths, and copper plates (much in use here), making and repairing pumps. They have just completed a small fire-engine pump, which has already done good service at a fire in the city. These apprentices have improved in their work, and continue to do so.
Sculptors.—It is astonishing to see how quickly the apprentices are progressing in drawing, modelling in clay, and wood-carving. They become in a very short time (especially if they have talent) intensely interested in their work. I have every reason to be satisfied with them.
Tailors.—Their work consists in making and repairing clothes. The work is neat, and there is considerable improvement in the cutting out and finishing. Here I must mention that the master-tailor served his apprenticeship in the School, and is a very good and neat workman.
Shoemakers.—These are employed in making top boots, shoes and slippers, their repairs are strongly done, and give great satisfaction to all who employ them; the best proof of their good work is that there are many more orders than they can possibly fulfil.
Metal Lathe.—The screw-cutting lathe is temporarily fixed, and two of the apprentices from the smiths' shop are learning how to manage it. One of them was sent here from Smyrna, expressly to be instructed in the manipulation of machinery and machine tools. Whenever I am called to see machinery these two boys accompany me, by which means they obtain an insight into many different kinds.
Six young men from the School are now in business for themselves at Ramleh, a small town about two and a half hours' distance from Jaffa on the road to Jerusalem.
Out of the fund which was collected in London for the
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