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sixteenth annual report.
Master of the Boys' School, the Council, after consulting their colleague, Dr. M. Davis, forwarded a quantity of drugs, in-cluding quinine, for the benefit of the school children, who were subject to low fevers, and other maladies prevalent in the climate.
The Council here record their thanks to Mrs. Nathaniel Montefiore for having substantially aided the Association in this instance, as on many other occasions.
Madame Astruc, the Directress of the Girls' School, has formed a Ladies' Society for the purpose of supplying poor girls with clothing. The girls themselves are employed m making the garments for their poorer fellow-pupils. Very good progress is made in the work-room, where sewing, dressmaking and embroidery are taught. The wives of some of the foreign Consuls gave employment in needlework to a number of the school children. Madame Astruc referred with satisfaction to the excellent effect produced by this patronage. The School was recently visited by Mrs. David
Lewis, of Liverpool.
Fez.—(100 pupils: subvention, £100.)—M. Benoliel, the Head Master, acting upon suggestions made on the part of the Council, has admitted 50 additional pupils, which has raised the total number to 100. M. Benoliel mentioned that it would be impossible for him to receive a further accession of pupils, both owing to the want of assistant teachers and of sufficient accommodation for additional leaineis.
Haifa.—(100 pupils: subvention, £20.)—The number of pupils at this School has been doubled since last year. M. M. Angel, the Head Master, has effected this increase by drafting a large proportion from the Talmud Tora School. The secular instruction included the study of Arabic. The lads on quitting school, instead of becoming hawkers as hitherto, will be able to hold their own in the search for profitable employment. It deserves to be mentioned that among M. Angel's pupils there are some Mahomedan and Christian children.
Jerusalem.—(150 pupils, including 94 in the Technical Department: subvention, £200).—The advantages afforded by
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