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schools in the east.
and of France, up to the time of the Crusades. No elementary books are employed in this instruction; the children learn the facts as related by the teachers. Geography is well taught, and practice is given in map drawing. They receive also rudimentary notions of physiology and botany.
To the Infants' School the sum of £100 is granted by the Association, and this annual subvention constitutes the only resource of the establishment, which is consequently maintained at a very inadequate scale. The School was originally opened with the view of withdrawing the children from the influence of the conversionists. The income only just suffices to pay house rent, and the salaries of two teachers and one attendant. It is a deplorable fact that the local Jewish Community has hitherto refrained from affording aid to this Institution. The School consists of an old wooden building, which is kept in a fair condition, but the furniture requires to be renewed. The first class consists of 84, and the second of 76 pupils. They learn French, Hebrew, and Judeo-Spanish reading, and the elements of arithmetic. A great portion of the children being under five years of age, their progress is naturally excessively small. Needlework is here carried on in its various branches. M. Bloch, by whom this report has been prepared, suggests the appointment of a qualified Head Mistress. In this opinion the Anglo-Jewish Association fully coincides.
Corfu.—(Girls' School, 100 pupils: subvention, £20.)— The lamented Chief Uabbi of Corfu, the late Signor G. E. Levi, promised to give details regarding the Girls' School, he having stated simply that the children were making rapid progress, and he referred to a full account which he had given in an Italian journal concerning the good this School was doing. Since the death of this worthy Rabbi the Council have been assured that the work of education would not be permitted to languish.
Damascus. — (Boys' School, 157 pupils: Talmud Tora School, 650 pupils: subvention, £50, contributed by a benefactress on behalf of the Anglo-Jewish Association: Girls' School, 106 pupils.)—At the request of M. Astruc, Head
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