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sixteenth annual eepoet.
Broussa.—(110 pupils: subvention, £40.)—Mr. D. F. Schloss visited Broussa in June, 1886, and gave the Council a clear insight into the educational affairs of the Jewish Community. The town is inhabited by about 3,000 Jews, who are for the most part small shopkeepers, money-changers, tinsmiths, workers in silk factories, etc. Technical instruction in various trades is needed. The community on the whole is poor. Much praise is bestowed on it for its self-dependence. The present Head Master, M. Matalon, had successfully improved the attendance and the efficiency of the School. The premises, consisting of three small rooms, seemed to be insufficient for the accommodation of the several classes. Mr. Schloss pleaded for the erection of an entirely new School. He pointed out that the Jewish inhabitants, who speak neither Turkish nor French, are in urgent need of the advantages which a well-established School could afford. A report recently received from M. Matalon emphasizes the suggestive remarks contained in Mr. Schloss's statement. The number of pupils has been doubled since the time when M. Matalon entered upon his functions. Despite the great poverty of the Community, it is sought to establish a Girls' School, which M. Matalon is ready to take charge of. The Council, who regard the instruction of women as of the utmost importance, have heard of this intention with the utmost satisfaction.
Constantinople.—(Haskeui Girls' School, 191 pupils ; Infants' School, 110 pupils : subvention, £200.)—The pupils in the Girls' School are divided into five classes. The numbers in the respective classes vary between 27 and 48. The Dressmaking class is attended by 24 learners. The premises, which belong to the Alliance Israelite, are in a bad state, and will have to undergo very substantial repairs after the end of the scholastic year. Mdlle. Bornstein, the Head Mistress, discharges her duties in an admirable manner, and enforces obedience by her decision of character and kindness of disposition. In the workshop Mdlle. Juliette Schik has shown her ability as a teacher. Her pupils are doing good work. The pupils learn French (which they speak very fluently), Bible History, General History, also the History of Arabia, Turkey,
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