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every year, the Committee thought it expedient, since April last, to charge small fees to such of the children attending the Institution as were in a position to pay them. ^ The Committee have further to bring to the notice of the friends and well-wishers of this School that owing to the want of sufficient funds they cannot secure the following adjuncts which they consider necessary in a fully equipped Institution:
1. The opening of a Gymnasium. Though fully convinced that mental and physical education should go hand in hand, the Committee regret to say that they are not in a position to supply this want.
2. A good Library is also required by this Institution. The only help which the Committee received for this purpose during the year under review was a gift of Rs. 10 from a Beni Israel gentleman, Mr. Joseph Benjamin Banendker, of Sannad, to whom the Committee have to tender their best thanks.
The want of sufficient funds has also stood much in the way of the Committee in opening two more classes, Standards VI. and VII. The Committee regret to report that the night class, established for day labourers last year, had also to be closed on account of want of sufficient funds. They therefore earnestly hope that the appeals for help made by them now, as well as in former years, will be responded to. The Committee beg to draw the attention of the friends of this Institution to the fact that unless this School receives some additional support it cannot make real progress and enlarge its sphere of usefulness, but it must remain in its present imperfect and incomplete condition.
In conclusion, the Committee have to offer their heartfelt thanks to the Anglo-Jewish Association, of London, for the stimulus which they have hitherto rendered to the cause of education amongst the Beni Israel, by their kind and never-failing help. They have also to offer their heartfelt thanks to Mr. S. D. Bassoon, for a generous donation of Rs. 100 to the Prize Fund. The Committee cannot leave unnoticed the valuable assistance which they have obtained both from Government and Messrs. Bassoon, to whom they have also to offer their sincere thanks.
The School was lately visited by the Countess of Rosebery, in the company of Mrs. S. D. Sassoon. Lady Rosebery expressed herself as very favourably impressed with the proceedings, as well as with the progress of the pupils, and presented the School Fund with a donation of Rs. 200.
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