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tary Drawing," the Committee opened a Drawing Class from November last. It is now attended by twenty-six pupils, and is under the instruction of a Beni Israel Drawing Master, who possesses a second grade certificate from the Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy's School of Art. The Committee hope that the students attending the Drawing Class will compete in the annual examination of the School of Art, and may secure for the Institution the grant sanctioned by Government, for the encouragement of the study of drawing in Government and private schools.
The annual examination of the School was commenced by the Deputy Educational Inspector, Rao Saheb G. B. Laghate, B.A., LL.B., on the 28th of January, 1887, and the following is a copy of his report:—
On the whole, these Israelite Schools acquitted themselves well in the Annual Examination.
(1) The performance of the English Branch of the School was fair, the girls surpassing the boys. In the Fourth Standard, four were presented for examination, and two came up successful. In the Third Standard, two out of four passed in all heads. In the Second Standard, two out of six passed. In the same standard, three girls were presented and two passed in all heads. In the First Standard, out of eleven boys five passed in all heads, and out of three girls one passed. English pronunciation was not good, and care should be taken to improve it. The subjects of Mathematics, Vernacular, and History and Geography, were taught carefully, and I got intelligent answers to my questions in them.
The Vernacular Schools. The percentage of merit in single subjects in this branch of the Institution was high, and oil the whole the total percentage was fair.
In the Fourth Standard, out of eighteen boys six passed in all heads. The girls in the standard did satisfactory work, as out of five presented three passed with credit. In the Third Standard, out of eleven girls eight passed, and out of twenty-three boys eight passed, reading in this standard being unsatisfactory. The lower standards were efficiently taught. The records of the School are kept with great care and neatness.
(2) I am very glad to be able to say of this School, that it is one of the most efficiently managed and useful Schools. The exertions of Mr. llaeem Samuel, the president of this Institution, are praiseworthy, and deserve mention in this report.
It will be seen from the foregoing report, that the usefulness of this Institution is so obvious as to need no comment.
Having observed that the annual income of the School is barely sufficient to cover the expenses incurred during
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