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been managed. The progress of education amongst the Beni Israel in general being an object of paramount importance to the Committee, they think it desirable to cast a rapid and retrospective glance over the past twelve months. The Committee have therefore to announce with great delight the success of Mr. Moses Abraham Avasker, who passed the examinations for the Degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Civil Law at the University of Oxford ; and of Mr. Ezekiel Moses Ezekiel, and of Mr. Abraham Aaron Kehimker, both of whom took the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, in January last, at the local University. The Committee congratulate these gentlemen, and earnestly hope that the example set by them, will be followed by many promising Beni Israel youths in years to come.
The School consists of two branches, the Anglo-Vernacular and the Vernacular, in each of which there are separate divisions for both boys and girls.
In the Anglo-Vernacular Branch, the Boys' Division consisted of five classes from 1st April to 31st October, 1886, but the Fifth Standard boys had to leave the School in November last, after passing through the standard, to prosecute their studies in other schools, there being no provision made in this Institution to teach the two higher standards. The experiment of teaching English to girls, which was introduced last year, seems to have proved successful; and the Committee are pleased to observe that the girls in general did remarkably well in the recent annual examination, as will be seen elsewhere from the report of the Deputy Educational Inspector. In the Girls' Division of the Anglo-Vernacular Branch, there were two classes, Standards I. and II. A Third Standard class has recently been opened in this branch.
In the Vernacular Branch, the Boys' Division consisted of four classes, and that of the girls also of four classes.
The instruction in Hebrew was given in Parasha, Haphtarah, also in Nebiim, and Ketubim in the Vernacular Branch, and in the elementary classes of the Anglo-Vernacular. In addition to the subjects above mentioned, the boys were taught the First Hebrew Book, containing the original text with its rendering into Marathi, and the translation of some of the sentences contained in it. The students of the higher classes of the Anglo-Vernacular Branch were taught Hebrew according to the standards issued by the learned and venerable Dr. Adler, Chief Rabbi of England.
Having received through the Educational Department a copy of the " Revised Rules for the Encouragement of Elemen-
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