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sixteenth annual eeport.
pupils, who, as Mr. Cohen observes, work well together with the new comers. Out of 204 pupils attending the School, 143 received instruction in English.
The Training of Apprentices.—(61 apprentices: subvention, £100.)'—It is anticipated at Bagdad that inestimable benefits will eventually be conferred upon the Community by the present apprenticing scheme, which is being carried out in an efficient manner. The advanced learners of the several trades are already earning weekly wages, which are being saved up so as to aid them very materially at the time when they will have completed their training. On this subject, Mr. Morris Cohen has forwarded to the Council an interesting Report, which will be found in the Appendix, and fully deserves an attentive perusal.
Beyrout.—(Boys' School, 104 pupils: Girls' School, 94 pupils: subvention, £60.)—M. Bondy, the Head Master, has called attention to the great advantages afforded by this School through the grant of the Association. Several boys formerly attending the Talmud Tora School, and ton boys hitherto frequenting a School of Protestant Missionaries, are now received in the Alliance School. Some of these children had been supplied with school materials and clothing. In the Girls' School the teaching of the English language has been placed on a better basis, At the public examination the learners of English answered very creditably. Fifteen girls having been withdrawn from the Missionary Schools, had become pupils of the Alliance School. Some of the Jewish residents in Beyrout, though able to give pecuniary assistance, do not yet appear to be impressed with the necessity of removing the ignorance which exists among the uninstructed portion of the community.
Bombay.—(Boys' School, 154 pupils; Girls' School, 98 pupils: subvention, £160.)—Mr. Haeem Samuel, the indefatigable President, has furnished the Council with the following Report:—•
The Israelite School Committee are glad to report that the standard of efficiency of the Institution is as high as it has ever been, a fact which is due to the manner in which it has
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