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sixteenth annual report.
day, irons were placed on his feet, and, on the 8th, he was mounted (being still in chains) and sent, under military escort,
to Tangier*,
through Arzila—a most circuitous route. It is
stated that two Englishmen, Messrs. Varley and Smith, accompanied the party to the suburbs of Tangiers, and gave orders to the military guard throughout the journey. On arrival at Tangiers, Tourgeman was taken before the Foreign Minister, Hadj Mohamed Torres, who immediately released him.
The circumstances of this outrage naturally caused much excitement at Tangiers, and, on the 12tli April, a deputation, comprising all the most influential Jews of the town, waited upon Mr. White—then acting for Mr. Kirby Green, H.B.M.'s Representative at Tangiers—to solicit his good offices. We have gratefully to acknowledge that Mr. White afforded the most kind and prompt assistance, and made a searching investigation into the circumstances of the outrage. It is alleged that the Governor of Alcazar has given the following explanation of his conduct; — That Tourgeman being plaintiff in an action pending at Tangiers,'the Foreign Minister himself had directed the Governor of Alcazar to cause Tourgeman to appear at Tangiers to substantiate his claim; that Tourgeman set the order of the Foreign Minister at defiance, and that force had thus become necessary. Tourgeman, however, solemnly denies having disobeyed the order of the Governor, of which he was totally ignorant. He states that he was simply told by two soldiers that he was wanted at the Governor's palace, and that on arriving there he was carried off to prison. Tourgeman is described to us as a respectable trader, not a money lender as alleged in a letter on the subject published in the " Times " newspaper, and his version of the affair is supported by the statement on oath of himself and of his cousin, Judah Aflalo, sworn before a Notary Public.
This painful occurrence is still the subject of official inquiry at Tangiers, and it is important in the cause of justice and humanity to know: (1) On what ground Tourgeman was arrested, imprisoned, cast in irons, and deported to Tangiers ; (2) At whose instance and by whose orders lie was subjected to this cruel treatment, and (3) Whether the order given authorised his being imprisoned and chained.
On the 3rd instant, we received a telegram from a member of the Anglo-Jewish Association, who happened to be in Tangiers, of which the following is a copy :—
" Tangier, May 2,1887.
"Fresh outrages Alcazar. Moorish functionary subjected Jewish shoemaker 300 lashes bare soles feet, 300 more palms
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