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The Jews of Demnat.—In the previous Annual Report the Council adverted to the calamities which had befallen the Jews of Demnat through the insults and extortions to which the Governor of that district had subjected them. The strong pressure which since then has been brought upon the Sultan s Government by Her Majesty's representative in Tangier and by his colleagues who acted on behalf of the other Foreign Powers, has had the effect of putting a check upon the continuance of the former persecutions. The claims for compensation which were put forth by the injured Jews of Demnat had to be waived, it being apprehended that further litigation would arouse a spirit of vindictiveness amongst high-placed Moorish officials, who always oppose claims of this kind, even when reasonable and legitimate.
Cruel Treatment of Jews at Alcazar.—Several cases of cruel treatment have been brought to the knowledge of the Council by Mr. Magnus J. Tyke, of London, who was lately on a visit to Morocco, and by other correspondents. Among such cases the most conspicuous are those which occurred in Alcazar. The details are set forth in the following letter, which the Conjoint Committee of the Anglo-Jewish Association and the Board of Deputies sent to Her Majesty's Government:—•
The Most Honourable
The Marquis of Salisbury, KG., 6c., &c., Foreign Office,
Whitehall, 8.W.
My Lord,
At the request of the Jewish Board of Deputies and of the Anglo-Jewish Association we beg permission to bring under your Lordship's notice events now passing in Morocco, which are causing just alarm to the entire Jewish Community in that country.
From information we have received from a Member of the Anglo-Jewish Association now in Tangiers, and other reliable sources, it would appear that, on the 6th April, one Reuben Tourgeman, a trader of Alcazar, was summoned to attend before the Governor of that town, and on his arrival there was immediately arrested and thrown into prison. He was unable to learn the ground of his arrest. On the following
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