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The Council have been in communication with representative members of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, in order to obtain grants in aid of the educational work carried on in Palestine. The utmost sympathy has been expressed upon this subject by the American correspondents of the Association, and there is ground for hope that the efforts which are being made at present to introduce in Palestine good elementary and technical instruction may one day derive efficient support from a bequest by the late Mr. Simson of New York, and from other beneficent sources.
Amongst the Jewish emigrants who settled in Palestine about forty years ago, there were several hundred who received British protection. In recent times the persons thus protected had reason for apprehending that this advantage would be either withdrawn or so minimised as might place them in an insecure position. Appeals addressed upon this subject to the Council of this Association and to the Board of Deputies have been taken into consideration by the Conjoint Committee of the two bodies, who will in due course adopt such measures as seem best calculated to do justice to the claims of the applicants.
A considerable number of Persian Jews have for the last sixty years carried on trades of various kinds at their establishments in the Caucasus (Russia). It appears that recently the Russian authorities threatened these Persian Jews with expulsion, although the settlers were supplied with proper passports. Steps have been taken to induce well-disposed representatives of the Persian Government to take up the matter, in order that proper protection may be afforded to those Jewish subjects of the Shah who are in danger of expulsion.
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