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Sydney.—The Rev. A. B. Davis, exercising his influence as Minister of the Sydney Congregation, and being assisted by able and sympathetic promoters of the objects of the Association, has undertaken to give a very considerable extension to this Branch which, as Mr. Davis points out, is expected to take a leading place among the other branches of the Association. In an interesting letter which Mr. Davis addressed to the Council, he described the proceedings which have been adopted with the object of placing the Branch on a prosperous footing. A report adopted at a meeting held at Sydney, on the 6th of March, is reproduced in the Appendix.
A large portion of the Roumanian Jews continue to be excluded by the Legislature from many of those employments which afford the best opportunities of earning a respectable subsistence, and the expulsion of Jews from rural districts continues to be enforced with unmitigated rigour. Poverty being daily on the increase among the Jews, attempts have been made in different quarters to promote emigration, though in many instances this emigration has been directed to countries where the new comers had no chance of earning a livelihood. So far back as November, 1885, a number of Jewish emigrants were induced by some adventurers to proceed to Cyprus; but no provision could be made to procure for them useful occupation, so that they might eventually become successful agriculturists. Famine and its dire consequences having broken out amongst them, the Rev. A. Lowy and Mr. Lewis Emanuel were requested to make a collection for the relief of the distressed persons. The collection amounted to £125.
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