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Honorary Secretary lias drawn up a spirited appeal, which will be found in the Appendix, under the heading " Cardiff Branch."
Chatham.—The members of the Chatham Congregation, on receiving the circular appeal, signed by Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart., M.P., resolved on the 6th February to become supporters of this Association, and accordingly formed a Branch. Mr. P. Hyman, the President of the Congregation, became also President of this newly-formed institution. The Rev. B. J. Salomons, who has been appointed Honorary Secretary, has promised to give a wider extension to the new Branch.
Hastings.—The Rev. P. Bender, who has always taken a great interest in advancing the objects of the Association, has formed a Branch consisting of the Jewish residents of Hastings and St. Leonards. Mr. P. Bender will act as President and Treasurer, and Mr. Alfred Philip Bender as Honorary Secretary.
Middlesbrough.—The Council have the satisfaction of stating that the members of the Congregation in Middlesbrough, stimulated by the letter addressed to them on the part of the President of the Association, have reinstated the Branch in its former force. Twenty-one members are now inscribed on the rolls of that Branch. Mr. I. Wilks, who in former years took a great interest in the formation of the Branch, resumes the position of President. Mr. M. S. Bernstein has accepted the office of Honorary Secretary.
Stockton.—The members of the Stockton Congregation have determined of their own accord to join the Anglo-Jewish Association. It is anticipated that their good example will bo imitated by other provincial congregations who have not yet allied themselves with the Association. Mr. I. Cohen is President; Mr. A. Michelson, Treasurer; and Mr. B. G. Cohen, Hon. Secretary, of the new Branch.
Swansea.—This town having been visited in the course of last summer by the Secretary, the list of members was augmented. Mr. S. Goldberg, who has always taken an active part in the work of the Association, kindly consented to continue his tenure of office as President of the Branch.
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