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stant communication witli Her Majesty's Government, and through foreign branches with other Governments, with a view to protecting persecuted Jews, it is of the first importance to endeavour by the spread of education to raise their moral condition and to help the oppressed to help themselves. With the extension of education they will in time force upon their non-Jewish fellow-citizens ancl Governments the fact, which is so patent in western countries, that Jews are at least the equals of their non-Jewish neighbours. At present, in many countries, ignorance and superstition, engendered by oppression, tend to check the development of those high and noble qualities with which our Eace is endowed.
" 5. Out of the whole population of English Jews, deducting the number who are in any way dependent upon our charities, it may fairly be estimated that there are not less than 40,000 who are capable of subscribing on an average at least five shillings a year. This sum would secure a permanent income of £10,000 per annum, which would do much towards conferring upon their brethren abroad some of those blessings which they enjoy themselves. Why, then, is this not done ? The reason must be that the aim of this great work has not been brought home to those 40,000 English Jews. The Council ask you to aid them in bringing it home by using your best efforts to convey this messsage to every individual in the Congregation which you represent.
" This is nothing less than an appeal to the happy portion of our Eace, which possesses most completely the benefits of civil and religious equality, to fight the cause of that other, and far more numerous, portion of the Eace which is still in the same oppressed and suffering state as were our ancestors in the dark ages. Let this appeal tend to bring into one common focus the efforts which all Israelites in these realms wish to make for ameliorating the condition of their Eace throughout the world."
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