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Schools in the East have laid the foundation, two great objects must be kept in view. Girls' Schools must be established and maintained wherever it is practicable; and in these Schools children must learn such work as will
fit them to become active and useful in their homes.
The utmost extension must at the same time be given to Technical Schools, where Jewish boys shall be so trained as to earn an independent livelihood. Every traveller in the East who has written upon the condition of Jewish Schools, has dwelt upon the success already attained in the Technical Schools subventioned by the Anglo-Jewish Association.
The good which is being done, and the far greater amount of good that has to be initiated, is described in the several articles which are appended to this Report, and which have earned for their authors the cordial thanks of this Association.
It needs not many arguments to convince the readers of this Report how beneficial it is to rescue Jewish children from ignorance and from collateral evils that lead to misery, or how necessary it is to attach the rising generation to their native land by giving them a judicious training. It is equally intelligible that, if effect is to be given to these universally approved objects, the Anglo-Jewish Association must henceforth receive far more liberal support in the way of subscriptions and donations. Members in the Metropolis and elsewhere tuho can afford to increase their subscriptions should do so promptly. They should also lend their help in making their friends acquainted with the demands which fall upon the Anglo-Jewish Association. The necessity for procuring assistance from every quarter is pointed out in an urgent appeal which Sir Julian Goldsmid, as President of the Association, has addressed to the Ministers, Presidents, Executives, and Members of the Jewish Congregations in the British Empire; and it is hoped that this appeal will be read and acted upon in every Jewish household.
The appeal runs as follows:—
" The Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association are anxious to enlist the co-operation of the entire Jewish Community in
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