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of a hopeful and partly of a painful character. From Persia, the Anglo-Jewish Association, jointly with the Board of Deputies, received a letter of a highly gratifying nature, sent by one of the sons of the Shah, Zil-us Sultan, Governor of Ispahan and other large provinces. This Prince volunteered an assurance that the Jews under his rule would at all times receive a tolerant treatment (see pp. 29—32) — a promise which augurs well for the future.
In Morocco the cruelties inflicted since last summer upon the Jews of Dcmnat by the Governor of that town called forth a general outcry for the repression of the revolting outrages, and for the punishment of the guilty official. Her Majesty's Government, as has hitherto invariably been the case, received with benevolent attention the representations made on behalf of the helpless Jews of Demnat. The Council have the satisfaction, which will be shared by the Community at large, of being able to state that, partly owing to the vigilance of the Association, the tragic occurrences at Demnat have happily been brought to a termination, and a certain amount of redress has been awarded to the sufferers. A full record of the proceedings will be found in this Report, pp. 32—45. A profound debt of gratitude is due to the several representatives of foreign Powers in Tangier, who have afforded their humane protection to the victims of persecution. Amongst the documents inserted in this Report will be found a letter from Colonel Felix A. Mathews, Consul-Genera! at Tangier for the United States of America,
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