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departed friends, who rendered efficient services to the Association. The Council have to lament the loss of Mr. Edward Janverin Emanuel, LL.B., who was one of their most useful members; of Mr. L. M. Rothschild, one of the founders of the Association ; of Baron Bohor de Menasce, President of the Committee of Members in Alexandria; and of M. David Grraziani, President of the Alliance Committee in Philippopolis.
Two occurrences in the past year became subjects for sincere felicitation on the part of the Association. On the 26th of October, the venerable Sir Moses Monte-fiore celebrated his hundredth birthday ; and on the Feast of Purim the Alliance Israelite Universelle completed the twenty-fifth anniversary of its existence. These two celebrations caused rejoicings amongst Jewish Communities in every part of the world, and are fully noticed in the body of the present Report (pp. 11—14).
The Correspondence of the Association keeps pace with the growing extent and importance of its labours. From every part of the globe where Jewish settlements exist, the Association has received letters bearing on the prospects of Jewish communities. Many of the subjects thus brought under the deliberations of the Council supply material for the beneficial efforts of the Association. But the work which is being done is of such a nature that its details cannot always be fully described within the compass of a Report.
The notices here published on the condition of Jewish Communities in foreign countries are partly
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