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Smyrna.—M. Sidi very kindly showed us over the admirable Schools of the Alliance at Smyrna. It is, indeed, refreshing to have to report in unqualified terms of praise of all that I have seen. Madame Jousselin, the head mistress, directs the Schools, containing 263 girls, and speaks in the warmest terms of the high qualities of her female pupils. The Jewish women of Smyrna enjoy the best possible reputation for their domestic virtues and for the ability they evince in assisting their husbands in their business operations without neglecting their duties as mothers. Madame Jousselin is not df the Jewish faith, but has been in the service of the Alliance for many years, and has directed different Schools in the East; her opinion therefore is of the utmost value as to the relative condition and status of the Jews in the various Oriental communities. The girls are taught millinery, dressmaking, laundry-work, embroidery, as well as plain sewing, and in laundry matters generally enjoy a considerable clientele. The establishment, at present directed by one of the teachers, M. Fresco, contains about 250 boys, and deserves equal praise with that of the Girls' School. Dr. Hermann Adler having examined several of the scholars, expressed his entire satisfaction with the course of tuition. A notable feature is an excellent brass band formed from among the pupils, which is much appreciated in the city, and gives visible proof of the musical culture of the Jewish youth.
I must add a word of praise for the Messrs. Sidi, of Smyrna, who are always to the fore in working for the welfare of their co-religionists, and whose social influence is of the greatest advantage in furthering the aims of Jewish educational progress.
Constantinople.'—In Constantinople I had the pleasure of an interview with Mons. Salomon Fernandez, who, together with Madame Fernandez, are using their best endeavours to raise the status of the vast Jewish population of the Turkish metropolis, computed to be about 70,000. As the Schools were visited very lately by a prominent member of the Anglo-Jewish Association, who, no doubt, has communicated his views to the Council, Dr. Adler and I did not pay any visits to the Schools; this was also due to the Feast of Pentecost intervening during our stay there.
I have, in conclusion, to state with pleasure that the Alliance and Anglo-Jewish Association Schools have become recognised as a great civilising power in the East, and enjoy the greatest respect of all intelligent and high-minded Christians, as well as Mahomedans, and in some instances are made use of
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