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attire as the Polish rabbi, and it appears to me to be quite Russian to be guilty more in the breach than the observance of the elements of cleanliness.
The future prospects of Jerusalem rest entirely with the rising youth, and I shall speak later on of the enormous value and high hopes I entertain of the Lionel de Rothschild School, conducted by the admirable and excellent director, M. Nissim Behar, of whose devotion, ability, and conscientiousness nothing too much can be said.
The Lionel de Rothschild School, or " Institution Israelite pour Instruction et Travail," contains 140 pupils, all boys. I believe I am not saying too much if I assert that the regeneration of the Jews of Jerusalem is bound up with the welfare of this institution. It is a veritable oasis of European culture and practical work in the desert of Oriental laissez faire. The institution is singularly fortunate in possessing M. Behar as its chief. To be able to effect good work in Jerusalem, it is almost imperative to be a native of the city. A teacher from England, France, or Germany who has longings for Europe or his native land, however able he may be, or however zealous, is incapable of infusing enthusiasm in his pupils, and when one is found like M. Nissim Behar, who is a man of great culture, and combines Parisian refinement with an ardent love and patriotism for the city in which he was born, and feels that he has a mission to perform and is perfectly oblivious to pecuniary advantages, is to have already gained half the victory.
The pupils seem to love their chief with fervent affection; there are a few Moslem pupils on the establishment, and it is worthy of notice that they are equally ardent in their attachment to M. Behar. Even the most reactionary outsiders have nothing against the work or personal character of this successful school manager. Everything is neat, clean and methodical.
The hours of instruction are from 8 o'clock until 12, and from 1 to 5. Every hour the bell rings, and ten minutes are allowed for exercise in the grounds. The management consists of one Director, one Administrator, three Rabbis—one Talmud, one Bible, one Hebrew Grammar—two Arabic teachers, two French Teachers, one Superintendent, seven Technical Teachers, the gross expenditure in all amounting to 32,000 francs. Some of the pupils are boarded entirely, others partially; but the majority return to their homes.
45 receive 3 meals a day 19 ,, 2 19 ,,
11 remain on Sabbath.
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