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fourteenth annual report.
Technical Schools.
We will now consider the no less important question of trade schools. These present a far different aspect. The Jews are positively excluded from technical State schools, owing to a law which only admits " Roumanian" pupils to such establishments. Even if this exclusion were abolished, the practical advantage would be very limited, the number of such schools being insignificantly small.
Handicrafts Encouraged in Primary Schools.
We now come to the proposal to encourage instruction in handicrafts at the primary schools, on the system in France, Germany, etc. Only in having schools founded on a solid basis, we can graft on them the training of future artisans.
Training of Teachers.
deficiency of instructors being greatly felt, a twofold measure has once more to be noticed. Provision has no less to be made for teachers of technical subjects, than for teachers of elementary studies. This demands earnest consideration, since all means for supplying, within Roumania itself, the deficiency of instructors appear to be beyond our reach. The teachers for every school, extant or to be organised, would have to be imported from abroad. The financial difficulty is obvious. The teachers would have to be well salaried. Yet the services of such teachers would be unavailable, owing to their ignorance of the Roumanian vernacular.
Commercial Treaty.
Foreign countries can only aid us in two Ways, and the aid should not be withheld. In the first place care should be taken that in the intended commercial treaty between Roumania and Austria, Article I. should be modified in conformity with the Berlin Treaty, that is to say, all foreigners are permitted to acquire rural property in Roumania, and vice versa. Austria should not renounce this Article, and thus cause the exclusion even of Christians.
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