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Held under the Presidency of Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., on Jul? 6th, 1884.
The President having addressed the meeting on the year's work of the Association, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted :—
1. Moved by the President, seconded by Mr. P. D. Mocatta, and supported by Messrs. E. H. d'Avigdor and A. G. Henriques, that the Annual Report and Balance-sheet be adopted.
2. Moved by Mr. Joseph Sebag, and seconded by Mr. A. G. Henriques, that a vote of thanks be given to the President.
3. Moved by M, Kann, Hon. Secretary of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, and seconded by M. E. P. Yeneziani, Member of its Central Committee, that a vote of thanks be given to the Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, Council, and Committees.
4. Moved by Mr. Benjamin Kisch, M.A., and seconded by Mr. P. B. Halford, that a vote of thanks be given to the Hon. Officers and Committees of Branches, and to the Treasurers of Agencies.
5. Moved by Mr. E. A. Franklin, and seconded by Mr. Lewis Emanuel, that a vote of thanks be given to the Auditors (Mr. H. H. Collins and Mr. L. M. Bergtheil), and that they be re-elected.
6. Moved by Mr. A. E. Sydney, and seconded by Mr. Walter Josephs, that a vote of thanks be given to the Secretary.
7. Moved by the President, that a vote of thanks be given to the Scrutineers (Messrs. Louis Davis and Stephen S. Plyam).
The following twenty-five gentlemen were declared to be elected as Members of the Council for the ensuing two years:—
Mr. Alfred H. Bedding-ton.
Mr. II. II. Collins.
Lieut.-Colonel P. Cowan.
Mr. E. H. d'Avigdor.
Mr. Charles Davis.
Mr. Conrad J. Davis.
Mr. Frederick Davis.
Mr. Edward J. Emanuel, LL.B.
Mr. Ellis A. Franklin.
Major A. E. Goldsmid.
Mr. F. B. Halford.
Mr. Cecil Q. Henriques.
Mr. Benjamin Kisch, M.A.
Mr. L. A. Lawrence. Mr. James Leverson. Rev. Professor Marks. Mr. Claude Montefiore. Mr. Lionel E. Pyke, LL.B. Rev. J. Rahinowitz. Mr. Benedict Rosenfeld. Mr. Charles Samuel. Mr. D. F. Schloss. Mr. I. Seligman.
Rev. S. Singer.
Mr. A. E. Sydney.
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