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fourteenth annual report.
pointed out that whilst sixty pupils were admitted into their small establishment, thirty children had hitherto been excluded, owing to want of funds.
Sofia.—(Boys' School, 477pupils: subvention, £75 ; Girls' School, 220 pupils: subvention, £40.)—The Boys' School had not been progressing satisfactorily; but a new and zealous Committee having been appointed through the instrumentality of M. Pariente, the travelling School Inspector of the Alliance, this evil had been remedied. M. Pesaro, the President of the School Committee, was indefatigable in his attention to the welfare of the School. The Girls' School was working remarkably well. The means for admitting a proper number of pupils having been originally insufficient, the Community imposed upon itself a tax, which has enabled the Committee to admit many new pupils.
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Mocatta, who, on their visit, were much pleased with the progress of the pupils, presented a very generous gift to the School.
Tunis.—(980 pupils: subvention, £120.) — The Tunis Boys' School is now the largest of all educational institutions subsidised by the Alliance and the Anglo-Jewish Association. The management of the School is excellent in every respect, and has been repeatedly described in the previous reports of this Association. It is expected that the School will ultimately be taken over by the French Government, and placed under the direction of the Minister of Public Instruction ; but it will probably be some time before this is done, and meanwhile the School will,
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