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schools in the east.
Kezanlik.—(53 pupils : subvention, £22.)—-The heads of the Community in Kezanlik, Eastern Roume-lia, reminded the Anglo-Jewish Association that their Jewish fellow townsmen had been ruined by the Rus,so-Turkish war. Their application for a subvention to their small School was deemed reasonable, and the Council accordingly supplemented a previous grant from the Alliance Israelite by a gift of £22.
Philippopolis.'—{Girls' School, 130 pupils: subvention, £40.)—This is an entirely new Establishment, and has not yet a complete staff of teachers. 130 pupils had been inscribed when the present Report was under preparation.
Salonica.—(Boys' School, 302pupils; Girls' School, 186 pupils; Infant School, 179 pupils: subvention, £150.)—Among the pupils of the Boys' School were 4 Mahomedans and 4 Christians. The Talmud Tora School admitted 1,125 boys. The languages taught at the several Schools were Hebrew, French, Italian, Greek, and Turkish, and also Judeo-Spanish, which in the Talmud Tora was the medium of translation from the Hebrew. The period of instruction extended over seven years, and the pupils were accordingly divided into seven classes. The apprenticing establishment attached to this School afforded to 27 Boys a training in tailoring, bootmaking, smiths' work, joinery, printing, goldsmiths' work, and coopering.
Samacoff.—(Girls' School, 60 pupils: subvention, £20.)—The Samacoff Committee received the present subvention to enable them to supply the deficiency in the existing staff of teachers. The Local Committee
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