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fourteenth annual report.
Haifa.—(75 pupils: subvention, £20.)—The grant made in the past year has been renewed in consideration of the scanty means which the Jewish population of Haifa has at its disposal. The members of that community differ from the residents in the four "Holy Cities" in not seeking to obtain eleemosynary gifts from abroad.
Jerusalem (140 pupils: subvention, £200.)—On the 11th November M. Nissim Beliar, Director of the Alliance School (also known as the " Rothschild School"), in Jerusalem, being on a visit to London, attended a special meeting of the Council, who then resolved to join in the work of placing on a permanent basis the establishment of a Technical school in connection with the existing Elementary school. The Council voted ^200 to defray the salary of a Technical Instructor, and appointed to that post Mr. George F. Jackson, who had for several years held the position of Mechanical Engineering Instructor at a School in England. Several staunch friends of the Association have promised generous support to this movement, which, it is expected, will serve as the most effective remedy for the many evils to which the Jewish population in Palestine is exposed.
Out of the whole number of boys who attended the School, only four were able to pay School fees. A large number of the pupils were either entirely or partially fed and clothed at the School. Mr. Sigis-mund Schloss, of Manchester, who had recently visited this School, confirmed the eulogies which other European visitors had passed on that institution.
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