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schools in the east.
classes for adults should be encouraged. According to a letter received from the President of the Bombay School, Mr. Stern had followed up his recommendation in favour of evening classes by presenting one hundred rupees in aid of this object.
Several London representatives of the Anglo-Jewish Association have strongly recommended the Beni Israel School to the kind notice of Lord Reay, the Governor of Bombay, who is known to be deeply interested in the furtherance of education.
Constantinople. — (Haskeui Girls' School, 176 pupils; Haskeui Infants' School, 118 pupils: subvention, £200.) — There are in Constantinople 12 Alliance Schools (7 Boys' and 5 Girls' Schools). The general burden is proportionably lightened by the substantial assistance which the Association affords to two important establishments. It may be added that the Haskeui Girls' School owes much of its success to the assistance derived from the Jacob Franklin ■ Fund. The Infants' School was organised at the instance of the Anglo-Jewish Association. The Girls' School, under the direction of Mdlle. Rachel Behar, bids fair to become one of the most efficient Girls' Schools in the East. A workroom has recently been attached to this School, with the object of enabling the pupils, after finishing their education, to earn a respectable subsistence. Two Mistresses of the Infants' School, Mdlle. Abramovich and Mdlle. Bicrman, deserve much praise for the devoted attention which they bestow upon the care of their pupils. Several hundred children are left to the mismanagement of
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