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schools in the east.
Midrash. Cleanliness is more strictly enforced; the children, instead of crouching on the floor as formerly, are provided with benches, and the teaching, which used to be confined to the study of Hebrew, is now extended to Arabic and Arithmetic.
Mr. M. Cohen held evening classes three times a week for adults who formerly attended the Alliance School.
Beyjrout.—(Boys' School, 90 pupils ; Girls' School, 40 pupils: subvention, £60.)—M. Franck, President of the School Committee, continues to keep these Schools in a satisfactory state of efficiency. In the Girls' School great service is rendered by a Ladies' Committee, who also assist in teaching needle-work.
Bombay.—(Boys' School, 196 pupils; Girls' School, 86 pupils : subvention, £160.)—-The annual distribution of prizes was held on the 7th September, when, in the absence of the Hon. Solomon D. Sassoon, the chair was taken by Professor Wordsworth, Principal of Elphinstone College. An excellent address was delivered by the Professor, who expatiated on the services which the Jewish race had rendered to humanity. The meeting was also addressed by Mr. Selim S. Solomon, Hon. Secretary of the Bombay Branch, and by the Head Master.
The School report gives an interesting insight into things done and to be done. It appears that if sufficient funds were forthcoming, many adults among the Beni Israel would gladly attend lessons given at evening classes. In the Boys' School, there were five teachers, and in the Girls' School, three Jewish mis-
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