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fourteenth annual report.
On subjects of public education, the Council received valuable information from Mr. F. D. Mocatta during liis travels in the East; also from the Rev. Dr. H. Adler, Delegate Chief Rabbi, and from Mr. B. L.Benas, President of the Liverpool Branch, who, together with Dr. Adler, visited Egypt and Palestine, and from Mr. Edward D. Stern on the Bombay School. The Rev. Dr. H. Adler, who, after his return, attended a meeting of the Executive Committee, gave an interesting account of the educational institutions which he had visited, and added important suggestions for the organisation and improvement of the Eastern Schools. The reports of Mr. Mocatta and of Mr. B. L. Benas will be found in the Appendix.
Bagdad.—(130 pupils : subvention, £120.)—The English learners were divided into six classes. The upper classes received instruction in composition and universal history. Mr. Morris Cohen, the English Master, having visited Europe in the course of last summer, had, since his return to Bagdad, devoted extra time to the instruction of his pupils. Much attention is given to cultivate among the pupils a taste for reading, and to foster habits of industry. In the furtherance of the latter object, the teachers of the Bagdad School submitted to the Council various proposals, which will be published in a future report.
Considerable improvements have been effected in the School for the poor, which in Bagdad is termed
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