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nat to Tangier. The Secretary of the Association therefore, by the direction of the Council sent a letter to Colonel Mathews, expressive of the appreciation with which his benevolent action was regarded by the Anglo-Jewisli Association. This letter elicited the following gratifying reply :—
Tangier, April 2oth, 1885,
To the Rev. A. Lowy,
Secretary of the Anglo-Jewish Association,
Dear Sir,
I duly received the letter you did me the honour of addressing me on the 9tli of last January, as Secretary of the Anglo-Jewish Association, conveying the Council's thanks for my intervention in behalf of the persecuted Israelites in this country.
While deeming it part of my duty, or of the mission of all representatives of enlightened nations to promote a spirit of tolerance and religious liberty in all countries where they are accredited, I consider it the duty of every right-thinking man to stay persecutions in semi-barbarous countries, more especially when such persecutions are the offspring of fanaticism and ignorance. It is, therefore, not only my duty, as one of the representatives of civilisation, but also as a citizen of a free country, to act as I have done all along with regard to the important Jewish population of this country, the majority of whom I have found, through a long experience and close contact, to be well-meaning, most industrious and upright, while their faults, if any, are confined to a very small minority, and originate from no inherent vices, but through the peculiar situation which is made them in this country, where the liberal professions and great careers are closed to them.
I have at all times availed myself of every favourable opportunity to represent to the Sultan and his Court that his Jewish subjects are the life-spring of commerce, industry, and enterprise in this country, as they are in all other parts, how Jews hold very important posts in all civilised countries, and, as it were, give a practical example myself by selecting Jews for my consular agents throughout nearly the whole of Morocco, and
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