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I made known to M. Feraud all that had taken place, and the nature of the instructions I had received from your Lordship. I informed him that M. Scovasso and I proposed to have a meeting, at which the deputation of Demnat Jews would be requested to attend, to hear what they had to say, and to recommend them to go to the Court of Fez, and thence to Demnat, under our safeguard, and on the assurance we had received from the Sultan that justice would be done to them.
M. Feraud at once offered to attend, and to act in concert with us, which he has done to our entire satisfaction.
The meeting took place on the 17th instant. The deputation of Demnat Jews, consisting of thirteen persons, consented to be guided by our advice, and to listen no longer to those who had prompted them to put forward unreasonable demands.
With the view of gaining their confidence, it was agreed that they should select a spokesman, and that the Governor of Demnat should be informed that this person was placed under the special protection of the. Sultan, and of the representatives of Great Britain, France, and Italy, with orders to report all that took place at Demnat on their return. . The Vizier, as will be learnt from his letter to me (an identical letter was addressed to M. Scovasso), had informed me that one of the Commissioners, M. Corcos, had been selected by the Sultan to return with the Jewish deputation to Demnat, to assist them in effecting a settlement of all questions with the Governor. As we had reasons to know that M. Corcos was biassed in favour of the Governor, and might therefore not be disposed to take active steps to obtain justice, we have requested that his Shereefian Majesty should again appoint Cid Bubeker to proceed to Demnat; and I have given directions to him to act with energy and decision.
I transmit a translation of the identic letter addressed by the French and Italian Ministers and myself to the Vizier, which will best apprise your Lordship of the steps we have taken, and I trust will meet with your Lordship's approval.
In a separate despatch I have informed your Lordship why I have desisted from any further demand for the removal of the Governor of Demnat.
I have, &c.,
(Signed) J. II. Drummond Hay.
BS.—The Babbi David Amar, who has been selected by the Demnat deputation to be their spokesman at the Court and
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