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The Governor, on discovering that they had not foreign protection, indulged in acts of violence, imprisoning and ill-treating them.
The Moors in Demnat and neighbouring country, learning that the Governor no longer protected the Jews, confiscated movable and immovable property mortgaged in their hands by the Jews, and some shops were robbed.
The Jews sent a deputation to the Sultan, as advised by the Italian Minister, to complain of the Governor, and also a deputation to Tangier.
Two officials of high rank were despatched by the Sultan to Demnat to investigate the complaint, and to convey a Shereefian Decree to the Governor regarding the privileges which Jews were to enjoy.
On arrival of the Commissioners at Demnat the Jews were enjoined to leave the Sanctuary to hear the lecture of the Decree. A tumult arose, in consequence of its having been alleged that some Jews had made use of opprobrious expressions regarding the Governor. A few of the Jews who had taken an active part in favour of the Governor were stoned by their co-religionists, and some stones struck and injured Mohammedans, though Oid Bubeker declares that they were not purposely cast at the latter. A number of Jews fled to the Sanctuary. A woman and a man died from injuries received from the brutality of the Governor's dependents.
The Jewish partisans of the Governor gave evidence to the officials sent by the Sultan, that the Jews had no ground fox-complaint against the Governor. These officials are said to have received large bribes from the Governor to report favourably to the Sultan regarding his conduct. On the other hand, when an attempt was made to bring about an understanding between the Governor and the community, a Jewish Rabbi from Jerusalem urged the Jews to resist the authority of 'the Governor, and to petition the Alliance Israelite for his
removal. , T â–  i
Cid Bubeker was offered presents both by the Jewish community and by the Governor, but declined to receive them, and left Demnat for Morocco after effecting a reconciliation,
I communicated these reports to the Italian Minister, who, as your Lordship is aware, has acted in concert with me. "We agreed that it was desirable that I should communicate them also to M. Feraud, the French Minister, who had informed me that he had received a deputation from the Alliance Israelite at Paris, and from the Jews of Demnat at Tangier, asking for his intervention.
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