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Committee of Deputies, and the Alliance Israelite of Paris have received untruthful and exaggerated accounts of the ill-treatment suffered by the Jews of Demnat.
In proof of the mendacious character of the accounts sent to Europe, I give the following instance :—When the Jewish deputation was brought into the presence of the French and Italian Ministers and myself, they were put the following question: Is it true that Jewish women have been violated ? They replied distinctly that no women had been violated; that _ one woman, named Frelta Bint Moses el Baz, in the tumult that had taken place when the Jews fled to the Sanctuary, had been beaten, thrown down, and so severely injured, that she died from the ill-treatment she had received; and that a Jew named Isaac Cohen, upon whom fetters had been placed when in Sanctuary by the brutal soldiers of the Governor, had died from the effects of having been struck with the irons when he resisted their being placed on his legs. The irons cut some veins, and he died from loss of blood. This was an act of horrid brutality, but it ought hardly to create surprise that two unfortunate Jews have been thus murdered in this barbarous country, when we have read the frightful accounts of what took place in Russia and Hungary of wholesale slaughter, violence, and robbery.
Your Lordship will have learnt from my despatch of this date the reasons why I have not thought it advisable to continue to insist on the removal of the Governor of Demnat on account of the outrage and robbery alleged to have been committed on Abitbol, the Jewish agent of a British subject. The story of Abitbol is declared to be false.
The French and Italian Ministers are also of opinion that the demand for the removal of the Governor should not be made, as it might be prejudicial to the interests of the Jews.
I have, &c., (Signed)
J. D. Hay,
Sir J. Drummond Hay to Earl Granville.
(Received April 2nd.)
(No. 23.) TANGIER,
March 26th, 1885.
My Lord,
With reference to your Lordship's despatch No. 11 of the 5th instant, and to that which I addressed your Lordship
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