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fourteenth annual report.
and is held in high esteem by the Sultan and his Ministers. I expect that he will be enabled to give an unbiassed account of what has occurred, as he has no cause to apprehend the vengeance of the Government. I caused him to be furnished with letters from Jews of position at Tangier to the chief Jews at Demnat, making known his errand, and requesting them to afford him information.
With reference to the same subject, additional remonstrances reached the Association in the month of February. Thereupon Baron Henry de Worms, MM'., as President of the Association, and Mr. Arthur Cohen, Q.G., M.P., as President of the Board of Deputies, addressed, on the 25th February, a memorial to Earl Granville, and received, on the 14tli April, the following copies of Sir John Drummond Hay's despatches :—
My Lout),
J&M-cA 2(%A, 1885.
I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your lordship's Despatch No. 11, of the 5th Inst., transmitting copy of a letter addressed to your lordship by the Anglo-Jewish Association and the London Committee of Deputies, containing renewed representations pressing for the removal of the Governor of Demnat, stating that they had received trustworthy information proving that Jewish women of Demnat have been violated, men tortured, and property pillaged and destroyed. Your lordship directs that I should take such further steps in this case as I may deem most expedient, with the view to the prevention of outrage.
In a separate Despatch I am about to address your lordship, I shall make known the result of the inquiry effected by the Commissioners appointed by the Sultan, Cid Bubeker and Senor Corcos, into the conduct of the Governor of Demnat, the steps which I have taken, in concert with the French and Italian Ministers, to settle this question in the manner we have considered would be most expedient for the interests of the unfortunate Jews.
It is evident that the Anglo-Jewish Association, the London
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