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giveii for the losses of the British subject from the seizure of his property, and that the Governor of Demnat should be dismissed. This letter was transmitted by Hadj Mohamed Torres to the Court, but crossed, en route, a letter addressed to me by the Vizir on the 20th ult., transmitting copies of letters from the Commissioner Gerary, the Governor of Demnat, and of a document containing Notarial Evidence of witnesses, in which it is declared that the Jewish brethren of the deputation sent to Tangier and Fez to complain of the Governor of Demnat had, after the lecture of the Sultan's decree by the Commissioner Gerary, indulged in opprobrious language respecting the Moorish Government, and had stoned and wounded the Ma-homedans. The Vizir further informs me, that the Sultan was about to give orders that these Jews, as also the members of the deputation, should be imprisoned.
Having learnt from the Italian Minister, M. Scovasso, that he had received a similar communication from the Vizir, and as we are both convinced that the Sultan and his Ministers have been deceived, or have wilfully allowed themselves to be misled by the Governor of Demnat, who by menace or bribery has induced the Commissioner and others to give evidence that the defenceless Jews had, on hearing the reading of the Sultan's benevolent decree, acted in the extraordinary and outrageous manner described, we agreed to address the Vizir replies of an identic character, and to inform him that the accusation made against the Jews of Demnat of having abused the Government, and of having stoned the Mussulmans, sufficed to satisfy us that the evidence produced had been obtained by the Governor through menace or bribery, and that we were extremely surprised that the Vizir should have accepted such evidence as being worthy of credence.
We again appeal to the Sultan, through the Vizir, that justice should be done to his unfortunate Jewish subjects, and that the Governor should be punished on account of his tyrannical acts and disobedience to the Sultan's orders. I require also that an indemnity should be given to the Agent of the British subject upon whom the outrage had been committed by the dependants of the Governor of Demnat.
Your Lordship will learn from reply to Vizir (not sent) that I have requested a Moorish friend, Cid Bubeker el Khanjawy, who has been employed by me successfully on previous occasions in obtaining justice for Jews in the Interior. He resides at the City of Morocco, which is about a day's journey from Demnat. Bubeker is a man of considerable wealth,
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