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A reply from the Foreign Office, dated 31st December, informed the Anglo-Jewish Association and the Board of Deputies that a copy of their letter had been forwarded to Sir John Drummond Hay, Her Majesty's Minister at Tangier, who had been instructed " to inquire into the case without delay, and if the facts alleged proved to be true, to urge upon the Moorish Government the punishment of the Governor, and the immediate cessation of the persecution."
Upon these" representations, Sir John Drummond Hay sent a reply, on the 10th January, to Earl Granville, who favoured the two Bodies with the following extract :—
In the beginning of August of last year the tyrannical conduct of the Governor of Demnat towards the Jews was: brought under my notice, and I addressed a letter to the Vizir upon the subject.
I left Tangier before I received a reply. On the 18th September Mr. White, in my absence, made a further representation on the same subject to the "Vizir. The Italian Minister and the United States Consul-General had also addressed letters to the Moorish Court upon this subject.
A Commissioner, named Cid Mohamed Taber el Geraiy, was despatched by the Sultan to Demnat to inquire into the charges put forward against the Governor by the deputation of Jews sent from Demnat to Tangier and to the Shereefian Court, and he was directed to read to the Jews an edict of the Sultan, in which, I am told, orders were given by His Sheree? fian Majesty that the Governor should desist from levying irregular contributions upon, and exacting forced labour from, the Jews.
On the 10th ult., having received a report from the acting British Vice-Consul at Dar-albaida regarding an outrage committed on the Agent of the late British Vice-Consul, Mr. Lapeen, by the dependants of the Governor of Demnat, I addressed a letter to the acting Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hadj Mohamed Torres, requiring that an indemnity should be

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