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efficient Schools in Persia, and the mode by which some of the difficulties might be overcome.
Some of the proposals which were submitted to the consideration of the Council will be carried into effect at a future time, if the finances of this Association should justify an additional expenditure.
During each meeting of the past session new facts have been brought under the notice of the Council with reference to the cruelties which the Demnat Jews suffered at the hands of the Governor of that town. A deputation of Demnat Jews having arrived at Tangier in the month of August, sent a letter, describing the sufferings of their fellow-townsmen, to the Anglo-Jewish Association. The following is an extract from that letter :—
Our families are wandering about homeless and unbe-friended. The children of the Demnat Jews are being hunted from place to place; they are completely destitute, and they are consumed by hunger. Men and women, the old and the young, are suffering from the heat of the day and the cold of the night, and they find no resting-place for their weary limbs. Every day adds to the distress. The man in power behaves towards us like a Hainan. He continually invents new measures for wiping us out of existence. The Jews who have been left behind at Demnat have been summoned by the Governor in the present month, with the object of bearing baseless testimony in his favour, and of thus clearing his character. But they refused to do so. He then seized thirty men, imprisoned them, and loaded them with chains. Some of the Jews who had tied were overtaken by his satellites, and sabred down, Recently the Governor sent.
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