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fourteenth annual report.
ever between any one of His Majesty's subjects : and as much as possible to make every one happy ancl comfortable. There is nothing more to write.
In the month of Shaaban, 1299.
This document was accompanied by an important letter from Mr. T. J. Malcolm (of the firm of Messrs. A. & T. J. Malcolm, of Bushire), who is known as taking a deep interest in the advancement of education. Mr. Malcolm wrote as follows : —
25tli July, 1884.
Sir Albert Sassoon, C.S.I., &c., &c.
Dear Sir,
You will no doubt recollect that some time ago you sent through us (A. and T. J. Malcolm, of Bushire) a memorial addressed by yourself and some of the leading representatives of the community to His Imperial Highness the Zil-us-Sultan of Persia, thanking him for the protection extended to the Jews, and the security enjoyed by them under his Government. I have now the pleasure to enclose herein His Imperial Highness's reply, together with its translation, which I have no doubt will be read with much interest and satisfaction.
Your memorial, which was translated and forwarded to the Prince along with a suitable letter from us, was published, by order, in the Ispahan Far hang, and copied by many other Persian papers both in the country and abroad. This I may say was calculated as an official intimation to the predominating Mahoinedan community that the Jews would continue to receive and enjoy the protection of His Imperial Highness. I will not go so far as to assert that the Jews are really enjoying equal rights and privileges as the Persians,, for that is impossible under the supervening religious influences of the Moslems ; yet I can positively assure you that the tranquillity and protection enjoyed by the community, and that, too, more particularly under the vast jurisdiction and the just and able administration of the Zil-us-Sultan, is most satisfactory, and no doubt more so than what many of their co-religionists enjoy in some European countries.
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