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After the re-assembling of Parliament for the Autumn Session, Baron H. de Worms (on the 13th November) asked:—
Whether the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs could now state the result of the inquiry which he promised in the House, on August 4th last, would be made as to the allegation that the Jews and their families, reduced to destitution by the edict against hawking issued by the Roumanian Government, were unable to leave Roumania for the purpose of earning their living elsewhere, from the fact that the Roumanian Government would not, even in the case of those who had been domiciled in the country for generations, grant them the necessary passports, on the ground that they were not Roumanian subjects. _ „
Lord E. Fitzmaurice : Sufficient time has not elapsed for a reply to be received to the request which, as I informed the hon. member privately last week, has been addressed to Her Majesty's Minister at Bucharest for further explanation respecting the passport system in Roumania. When Mr. White s reply is received I will lose no time in communicating with the hon. member.
At the same sitting, Mr. Serjeant Simon put the following question:—
Whether the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs has obtained the information he was good enough to promise some time ago, as to the number of Jews who had been admitted to the right of citizenship in Roumania since the Treaty of Berlin ; the number of applications which have been made; the number of refusals, and the process required by the Roumanian Legislature, and its attendant expense, before a Jew can be admitted to citizenship ?
Lord E. Fitzmaurice said that he could not reply on that point at present, but he was in communication with Her Majesty's Minister at Bucharest on the subject, and when he bad information he would communicate it.
A final question, bearing on the unhappy condition of the Roumanian Jews, was put by Baron H. de Worms, on November 24th, as follows :—
Whether it is not the fact that notwithstanding Article
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