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in Ron mania were to be placed on a footing of absolute equality with Christians and persons of other denominations ; and, if so, whether Her Majesty's Government, on behalf of Great Britain, as one of the signatories of the Treaty of Berlin, will, either alone or in concert with the other Signatory Powers, make representations to the Government of Roumania on the subject ?
Loed E. Fitzmaurice said: Sir, attention has already been called to this matter by the lion, and learned member for Dewsbury, and H.M.'s Minister at Bucharest has been instructed to forward a report upon the subject. Until the facts of the case are fully known, it would not be advisable to express any opinion with Roumanian Government.
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On July 10th Baron de Worms added the following question :—
Whether a despatch had been received, either from Her Majesty's representative at Bucharest or from the Government of Roumania, relative to the measures taken to prohibit Jewish hawkers in that country from pursuing their calling, and to the refusal to receive petitions from them or grant them any legal redress, in contravention of Articles 43 and 44 of the Treaty of Berlin, which secures to them equal rights to those enjoyed by persons of other religions in that country, and, whether he will communicate the contents of such despatch, or lay it upon the table of the House ? The hon. gentleman said : " Since I put this notice on the paper I have received from the Foreign Office a copy of a despatch from Her Majesty's Representative at Bucharest in answer to the first part of the question. It does not, however, answer the second pan., and I will, therefore, ask the Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, if he can now answer the second portion of the question with regard to the alleged refusal of the Roumanian, .Government to receive . petitions from . Jewish hawkers ...... .
Lord E. Fitzmaurice replied: I do not think that, the lion, member has stated that in the despatch received there was no information on the subject. That despatch was written in consequence of .a communication addressed to Her Majesty's Minister at Bucharest; but I have no doubt that Earl Granville Will be quite willing to address another communication to him upon this specific point.
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